NEMCEA 2023 Event Schedule

  1. Conferences/ Workshops/Seminars

 Side by Side with the Market will be scheduled conferences, workshops and training seminars with question-and-answer sessions, these conferences will be resourced by Electronic Media Content professionals carefully selected from the local and international speakers/facilitators/curators.

The conferences and workshops shall be carefully curated to ensure that the entire content ecosystem has full attention, not just the TV space but also the Radio, Online and feature film sector known in Nigeria as Nollywood.

The Conferences, workshops and seminars are designed to promote NEMCEA as a whole.


  1. Specialized Sessions

These sessions are specially designed for the different stakeholders in the Media/Content Industry and it is meant to showcase topical issues affecting the Industry at large but with specific references to the Organisations/Brands that sponsor such Specialized sessions.

For example, at the maiden edition, National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) had two sessions to cater to children’s content/programmes/funding, etc. while Zee World also had a special session that showcased the Zee World programs.

The Creative Nigeria Summit (CNS) also sponsored a session on Audience Measurement while the Lagos State Film and Video Censors Board (LSFVCB) also had a session to give visibility to all the efforts of the board in Lagos State being the Host state.

Lastly is the Content Exchange Forum (CEF) which was powered by EMCOAN, the organisers of NEMCEA itself.


  1. EMCOAN’s Content Exchange Forum

At Content Exchange Forum, Television channels, Platform owners (TV, Radio and Online), content producers/owners, content distributors, and aggregators would have the opportunity of the first-of-its-kind content trade by barter… thereby allowing content trading and exchange.

This will help local TV channels/Platforms Owners exchange content/programmes with one another without necessarily paying cash or any form of monetary payment but the value of the business that has taken place would be quantified in cash form for proper documentation and subsequent arrangement with one another.


  1. Master-Class Sessions

As we start NEMCEA Creative Academy, it is important we now facilitate different Master Class Sessions not for the young producers and content owners alone but also for the Industry players in general who are desirous of taking advantage of new trends and ideas for the electronic media content business.

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