In a country with over 150 public and private television channels and more than 350 independent television media content and film production companies, the presence of global and local content streaming platforms like Netflix, Showmax, Iroko TV, Amazon etc, it is high time we had a very well-organized Electronics media content and film market to serve as a market place for the trading of media content, film and development of co-production partnerships locally and internationally.

Just like the maiden edition in 2022, NEMCEA 2023 is expected to have hundreds of delegates attending the market from Africa, Europe, the USA, Latin America, Asia and the 36 states of Nigeria who wish to buy content from Nigeria or distribute their content into Nigeria, Africa and outside the shores of the continent.

So, what are we waiting for when we can register to take full advantage of the following:

  • embedded in the opportunities to connect, network and do business,
  • put your content/programmes out for sales and barter arrangement,
  • discover new production options,
  • get access to industry big players,
  • develop future projects,
  • see possibility of co-production and collaboration,
  • pitch your ideas/stories to financiers for your next projects
  • gain knowledge and scope of the current landscape of the industry
  • submit your content for possible recognition/awards
  • be part of a glamorous awards nite

Hence, you are welcome to register for NEMCEA 2023 in whatever capacity you wish to participate.


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